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4 Stylish Ways to Avoid Looking Cheap

4 Stylish Ways to Avoid Looking Cheap

Creating a stylish wardrobe that feels like you are staying on top of the latest fashion trends, yet sticking to a budget can be tough. But today, we are going to share with you our top tips to avoid looking cheap. 

Now we know that not everyone's budget is the same, one person's bargain is another person's spurge. The tips that we have here will cover all budgets and personal styles. They are fun, easy and most of all not breaking an purse strings. 

Firstly, understand your style. No matter what your budget it, knowing what your like and what you don't like will always save your money in the long run. Buy what suits you, and not what you want to suit you. If it doesn't look quite right when you try it on, it probably won't ever look quite right, and end up collecting dust in your wardrobe. Your tastes and looks might change over the years but generally we have a style that suits us. Really be honest with yourself when you look in the dress room mirror, if you do not think it will create an outfit that you will love, then don't buy it. You'll be surprised at how much you put back. 

Accessories are our top tip to looking designer expensive on a budget. Now, we don't want you to overload your fingers with garish jewels or weight your neck down with oversized chains but careful chosen items can really style up an outfit. Pearls are our favorite go-to for a classy, sophisticated look. Bright tassel earrings bring fun and flare to a casual outfit. And a headscarf can bring boho vibes or girly style, depending on the material and way you wear it. Accessories have a lot going on for them, especially the typically reasonable price tag. 

Try something new. One of the easiest ways to avoid looking cheap, is to following the fashion influencers and there genius ways to use the clothing in their wardrobes. You do not need to stray too far away from your general style to take on the most recent fashion trends. You may be surprised at how much you like changing things up. With a limited wardrobe whilst travelling, I layered up Bretton tops and evening dresses and loved the results. New looks tend to result in people thinking you have a new wardrobe. Win, Win! 

Considering a monochrome outfit. In fashion terms, monochrome outfits are outfits made up from different tones and shades of the same color. There is something undeniable stylish about a monochromatic outfit. We have been wearing all black, or all white outfits for decades. They are classic, sexy or chic. The same can now be said for every color in the spectrum. Pick your favorite and go for it. You will look a miilion dollars.