Refund Policy


If for any reason you are unhappy about our products and service, you may return it for full refund within 30 days of your order (less shipping and handling). If the package is unopened we accept it unconditionally, but if the package is opened it must contain at least 75% of the original product in order for us to refund your money.

In the event that the product be deemed unsatisfactory by the customer (such as a manufacturing fault), the product must be photographed to show evidence of the unsatisfactory condition of the product, and/or a refund request must be issued by the customer and mailed

For all returns:
Please email with the following information:

Your order number

Title your email RETURN

Reasons for returning: Damaged (please explain), Dissatisfied (please explain) or Other (please explain)


Customers have 14 days after they receive products to notify MakeFullShop of any problems with the product(s). No refund or return of the product will be issued if the product is found to be unsatisfactory more than 14 days after MakeFullShop is satisfied the product has been delivered.

It is the responsibility of the receiver to check the integrity of the product and packaging if a refund is to be requested.