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6 Ways To Make Your Waist Look Smaller

6 Ways To Make Your Waist Look Smaller

We love every shape and size that women come in but sometimes you just want to draw in the waistline. Whether you are a petite girl and want to get some hips, have a athletic straight figure and want to add curves, wish to define your boobs a little more or slim down your tummy, we have the hottest tips on how to make your waist look smaller. Read on to get our secret tips on ways you can easily make your waist look smaller with next to no effort and no dieting.

Tuck on your Tops
This is such a simple and easy tip that you can start doing today. You have everything you need already, assuming you have both tops and pants in your wardrobe. By tucking the top in your draw attention to the waistline. The beauty about this tip is you can tailor it to your needs. Use high waisted pants if you want to accentuate the hips. Tuck in a shirt with a bell skirt if you want to take away a boxey shape. Or if you want to create a slimmer you try a top with sleeveles arms.

Use Color Block Dresses
Color block dresses that incorporate black panels at the sides is a fabulous way to redce the appearence of a waist while staying completely comfortable in whatever size dress you are. The great thing about these dresses are the numerous options you have available to you. Bright vibrant colors for social events or a professional shealth dress for the office.

Wrap it up with a Belt
Like with tucking in your tops, a belt draws in the waistline. Belts are affordable items that come in so many different options. Colors, studded, chains, shapes and materials that you will never run out of outfits inspiration. Wrapping it up with a belt is extremely popular right now so if you opt for this trick you will be right on trend. Belts look stylish on jeans and pants, but look incredible around blazers, pluffa jackets and sweaters, as well as maxi dresses in the summer.

High Waisted Pants
These sexy, sophisticated and stunning pants never fail to please no matter where you are wearing them to — in the office, to a lunch date or even now on the red carpet! Choose your style carefully, spend time in the changing rooms trying on different fits and waist lines. Take your girlfriend of Mom with you for an honest opinion because when you get these right, it is not just your waistline that benefits.

Shapewear Underwear
One of the most obvious tips is to get your Bridget Jones feels on and squeeze into shapely corset or bum lifters. A lot of women want the Kim Kardashian butt and this naturally slims down your waist. Boosting your boobs with a corset again has double benefits by pushing your bust front and center and drawing in the waistline. Shapewear to the rescue!

Focus Eyes Elsewhere
OK, so this is not really a tip for shrinking your waist, but a sure fire way to take eyes away from your waistline is to give them something else to look at. Postbox red lips, stunning smoky eyes, a fullsome bust or legs that reach up to the heavens are all very good diversions. If you have any part of your body that you love, flaunt it and love the skin you are in.