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Best Outfits for Flat Chested Women

Best Outfits for Flat Chested Women

There is no need to feel self-conscious if you are flat-chested or have a small bust. In fact, having smaller boobs can be a major fashion blessing as a lot of clothes are designed with a smaller bust size in mind. You have the awesome ability to rock backless tops and dresses, wear super low cut and (if you dare) braless without a problem. If you want to find out how to make the most of your double -A's, read on and follow our amazing advice for the best outfits for flat chested women.

First of all girl, love the skin you're in! Being confident with what you are wearing, and comfortable with your body shape is what turns heads. The clothes help for sure, but you can control a room, no matter what your size or shape, as long as you embrace what your mama gave ya (or didn't in this case)! Kiss KissKiss Kiss

Camisoles, crop tops, loose tanks and v-necks are all perfect for women with a small chest. Whether you prefer to show off your tummy or keep it covered, these types of tops work perfectly for itty bitty titties. Layering on top of a lace bralette or skinny triangle bra is super sexy and allows you to feel like more womenly. Believe us, we know that having a small chest can often leave you feeling less sexy but with some of our outfit ideas here you can feel hotter than hell!! Fire emojiFire emoji

Overalls, boiler suits and dungarees are also absolutely awesome for women with flat chests. Boiler suits and overalls are better for women with a small frame all round. They give a sleek and seductive look — make sure you have a plunging neckline by letting the zip front sit low. Dungarees are better for women with a pear shape as they have a little more give in them; making them much more flattering. Not sure what suits you best? Try a few different options and have your girlfriend on hand to give you an honest opinion.

High necks are another great piece of style advice for girls that are not well endowed. High necks are classy and elegant. They provide a graceful neckline which draws away from the size of your boobs and onto that lovely graceful neck. And dare we say, a covered neck is irresistable — like the forbidden fruit. If you do not mind having your arms on show too, sleeveless options exhance this look and a little side boob can really get an onlookers heart racing.

When it comes to dresses, be brave and go backless. It is the one of the best reasons to love your non existant boobs. A low cut, revealing backless dress couldn't be more provocative. It draws attention to you for all the right reasons and believe us, no-one cares about what you have up front because all they can think about it how to see the rest of your body, all of it!