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How to Take Your Jeans from Casual to Chic

How to Take Your Jeans from Casual to Chic

Love your jeans but fed up with looking too casual. Whether you are looking to turn you jeans into business casual attire or you want to dress them up for a evening out — we have stylish ideas to take your jeans from casual to chic. We all love our denim and love how comfortable they are. Read on if you want to know how to create a chic, fashionable outfits. 

Parisian Inspiration
No-one does casual chic in jeans better than the Parisians. They own this trend, and when we take to the streets of Paris it is easy to see why. Pairing their jeans with blazers, Bretons and berets — they make styling up their jeans effortless. Parisian start by opting for the more unusual styles of jeans. Cropped ankle cuts, embroidered, and faded for that timeless classic look. from there is just gets better. Search out Parisian style for inspiration to have a look at some of the images below. 

Change up your Footwear
Typically jeans have been work with sneakers or boots. Both look great, but experiment with different pumps, ballerinas, pixies shoes and, sandals. When you opt for flats, you have a much wide choice of bold colors that won't take over the outfit entirely but give it enough lift to make it styled up. Think purple loafers or floral slingbacks. 

Tweed is always a Winner
Adding a Tweed blazer is a sure winner to styling up your jeans for work, but also from a work to drinks outfit. Tweed now comes in many different colors. No longer are we thinking English countryside with greens and browns. We are seeing gorgeous pinks, purples and blue tartans stitch and beautiful mottled styles. These jackets come in different cuts too. Opt for cropped if you are in a playful mood, or go for fringed if you like to embellish you look. 

Embrace Your Accessories 
Fashion accessories are a fabulous way to style up your outfit, and not break the bank. You can pick up a huge range of outfit accessories. From silk headscarf’s to bold jewelled rings, and everything in-between, we cannot talk enough about the value that accessories bring. 

Preppy is on Trend
The oh so stylish preppy look is perfect for styling up your jeans. In fact, there are no jeans in the land that won't look chic if you follow the preppy style rules. Preppy includes layers with a combination or shirts, sweaters, blazers and waistcoats, or tanks. One of our most favorite styles we love the preppy look. Embellish your outfits with (faux) pearls and oversized sunglasses.