Firework Humidifier & Oil Diffuser
Firework Humidifier & Oil Diffuser
Firework Humidifier & Oil Diffuser
Firework Humidifier & Oil Diffuser
Firework Humidifier & Oil Diffuser
Firework Humidifier & Oil Diffuser
Firework Humidifier & Oil Diffuser
Firework Humidifier & Oil Diffuser
Firework Humidifier & Oil Diffuser
Firework Humidifier & Oil Diffuser

Firework Humidifier & Oil Diffuser

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What Is An Ultrasonic Diffuser For Essential Oils?

Ultrasonic diffusers such as Humidmist Firework dispense healing essential oils into the air. Ultrasonic vibrations break down the essential oils into microparticles, allowing the oil to be dispersed as a very fine mist, mixed with water steam, into the air.

The process does not create a lot of noise, allowing the diffuser to run extremely quietly - ideal for relaxing, sleeping, exercising and working environments.

Humidmist Firework air humidfier and oil diffuser
Delightful & Mesmerizing Design

Showcase your Humidmist Firework as an exquisite piece of art. We take pride in our elegant 3D glass cover. 

Watch as your humidifier slowly shifts between 7 hypnotizing lights with a firework effect. You can also choose to assign a fixed color to harmonize with your mood needs.

Advantages of Using An Ultrasonic Diffuser

Access all the benefits of using essential oils by using an ultrasonic diffuser. Humidmist Firework diffuses the oil into the air without using immense heat that damages the most important compounds, leaving only the scent.

This is also a safer option compared to traditional diffusers that boil the water. We want to keep you and your loved ones safe and away from hot water and damaging burns. 

Benefits of Essential Oil Diffusers

Improves Respiratory Health

Essential oils help to soothe the throat, reduce inflammation, and clear away mucus. This helps you deal with sicknesses such as the common flu and relives your coughing.

Oils beneficial for this include Eucalyptus, Tea tree and Peppermint.

Improves Sleep Quality 

A few essential oils promote the release of hormones in the brain such as dopamine and serotonin leading to a tranquil and uninterrupted good night's sleep. 

Suitable oils for this include Lavender and Orange

Aromatizes The Air

Keep the air in your living environment fresh by using a diffuser. A funky smelling room can easily be rejuvenated by adding a few drops of essential oil to your diffuser.

For this, you can use any oil that you desire. Our favorites are Lavender, Eucalyptus and Peppermint.

Reduce Stress & Anxiety

Using essential oils provides a sense of calmness and relaxation, bringing you to the present moment, allowing you to relax and be mindful. 

For this effect Lavender, Bergamot and Jasmine oils are recommended. 

These are just a few benefits and you can read about more benefits on our Humidmist Essential Oil Kit page

Easy To Use

  • Open the Diffuser and plug in the power cord
  • Fill with water / Capacity 100ml / 4 Hours Max
  • Add Essential Oils
  • 4 Timer Control 0,5h/1h/2h/3
  • Automatic OFF Safety Feature / No Water = Power OFF
  • Enjoy the Aromatic mist


Humidmist Essential Oils

Lemongrass yields calmness and clarity, relieves fatigue and confusion and carries a strong lemon-like aroma.

Eucalyptus brings about optimism and concentration, relieves stress and sadness, and carries a strong aroma.

Sweet Orange promotes optimism and peace, relieves anger and depression, and carries a fresh, sweet orange peel aroma.

Tea tree promotes immune strength and calmness, relieves stress, and carries a warm and spicy aroma.

Lavender helps cognitive functions and alertness, relieves anxiety and depression, and carries a floral aroma.

Peppermint stimulates concentration and clear thinking, relieves fatigue, and carries a strong mint aroma.


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